Make books.

Publish, and monetize knowledge, taste, and alpha.

As seen in

Here’s what you can make

Made with an all-in-one editor to make, publish, and offer paid access.

Personal pages with integrations

Blogs, bios, and other simple, and effective pages.

Public & Private Sections

Offer free, and paid section.


Structurized ideas with nesting, and inter-sectional links.

Books, guides, manuals, and handbooks

With navigation, and public & private access.


Actionable items right there, and then.

Tracking progress

See how your audience consumes your work

Code-friendly visuals

Demonstrate your code snippets the proper way.

Code highlighting

100+ languages. Make your code shine.

Code evaluation

Remote execution with Piston

Coming soon

Publish you first product in under 2 minutes.

Editing experience for remote & async world.

Works offline. Syncs changes intermittently.

Workspaces × Sharing × Permissions

Collaborate with teammates, guests, and strangers.

Working with others is crucial.

Invite others, work with teammates.

Conflicts are resolved automatically.

Yes, even offline.

Minimal delay.

Work on a document simultaneously

Instant changes. Don’t worry about handling conflicts.

Thoughts aren’t isolated. One idea leads to another.

Link anything, by simply typing [[our.

Our values
Our mascot
Our address

Links × Nesting

Jump between pages. Nest pages in pages.

#Markdown Support

A simple paragraph. *Italicized text*, and other markup features to highlight your thoughts. Go **bold, and heavy**.


Useful quotes are not easy to come by. Especially if you’re not paying attention.

##Easy & Simple

Get started without a hiccup. Become more advanced over time.

WYSIWYG + Markdown

Get the job done but keep things simple.

Sometimes ideas get lost found.

Yes, they don’t.

Sometimes ideas get found.

Yes, they do.

History → Versioning

Time is flat. See how drafts shape into versions your release to your audience.

At Xevol, our mission is to help you grow to your full potential – as an individual, professional, team, and company by giving you the tools to make, publish, and monetize a product.

The modern complexity of establishing a solo practice, freelancing/ contracting, and publishing a product requires niche skills and insights unavailable to most.

Even [[tech-savvy]] super-users have difficulty finding the right combination of tools to make and publish a product, not even mentioning monetization and international marketing.

The overarching goal of Xevol is to let you participate in the digital economy, gain freedom, and become independent of the markets in the location where you happen to reside.

Linking is done trivially. Building knowledge bases, interconnected directories, and integrating other providers via embedding is a great way to optimize processes, and improve end results.

Xevol is great if your produce artifacts like web-pages, books, and other text-heavy content.

Knowledge Graph

Visualize your thoughts as a graph

Offline, Remote & Async Ready

Be free. Work when it works for you. Wherever you are.

No lock-in

Backup using a plain text file or JSON.

Publish & Export

Go live momentarily—with granular access.

Third World FreedomThe UnbankedGetting RealValue UnlockedIntroduction+AddSample · FreeAvailable in allAvailable in allAvailable in PremiumFormatspdfwebepubmobiDomainsthirdworldfreedom.comAssetsBooklet.pdfArchive.zipPublishPreviewSettings+Add+Add+Add$21PriceCoverLanguagesEnglishРусский大和Third World Freedom
Ready in 1, 2, 3

Export to consumer-ready formats. PDF, Epub, Mobi

Your domain – your content

It’s your canvas. Publish on your own domain.


One-time purchases & memberships—provide granular access to your work.

Supports 149 currencies

VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and others.

Supports your customer’s language

Four languages and counting.

One-time purchases

Sell digital products and services.

Recurring Payments

Charge for subscriptions, memberships.

Go to markets worldwide.

Produce, and publish with Prodmake — an all-in-one editor for experts.