Why Prodmake?

With the trend of digital minimalism, it’s clear that there are several issues with the knowledge work and the tooling for creating digital products.

It is painful for experts to create products for themselves and others - to make their knowledge ready for consumption by those who are less knowledgeable. This is a crucial skill that is complicated by the number of steps required to publish, accept payments, and distribute your product.

It’s one thing to do the work itself, and the other is to get good at it, and:

  • Grow professionally.
  • Reach more people.
  • Build reputation and expertise, and most importantly.
  • Deliver the highest quality product possible.

Engineers, chemists, doctors, programmers, designers, and other thinkers fall under knowledge work.

Who’s it for?

For knowledge workers who have enough experience under their belt to create a book, course, tutorial, or website to facilitate their personal and professional growth.

Influencers, chemists, and doctors have the same issue: turning their thoughts into a product that works best for their audience and client base.

When do experts need Prodmake?

When you start thinking about diversification and other means of growing as an expert. You think about it, and you come up with an idea for a product. Chances are, you had it brewing in your head, and your notes reflect that process. It might be a book, course, tutorial, or any other form of web page. You start researching, and you find that writing a draft, publishing it, having an audience and tech platform is crucial for growth. You begin to compare the solutions but quickly understand that it’s fragmented and a lot more work than you thought.


Here are the issues I personally found and decided to solve for myself. Prodmake came out of that process. – Kuanysh, founder

Information Overload

Notes, highlights, excerpts are tricky to store and curate.


Too many places where you store your work, inspiration, and information sources.

Automation is missing

It requires a tech-savvy person to set up hooks and workflows to get the job done.


Shipping products requires many overwhelming steps, often out of reach due to limited resources and other constraints.


Prodmake’s goals are simple: to increase your energy’s conversion efficiency and give you tools to accomplish more in less time.

Put simply, Prodmake solves these issues for you by letting you:

  1. Collect information from the Web and your workflow: bookmarks, articles, inspiring pieces, and drafts.
  2. Slice and extract what you need for longer retention and structure it, so it makes sense.
  3. Merge extracted parts to create a cohesive product.
  4. Use created pieces to be more productive and thoughtful.
  5. Self-publish and export products as web pages, PDFs, and eBooks to use elsewhere.
  6. Monetize by adding a payment form or charging for membership.

By switching to Prodmake, you get to save time and:

  1. use one tool instead of many, effectively replacing a decent chunk of your existing arsenal and avoiding duplication.
  2. Visualize your system as a graph to better understand your thinking.
  3. Embed interactive elements like charts, graphs, molecules, DNA to better convey your message. 4.Use templates designed by Prodmake staff and our community members.

No fragmentation, losing track, boring pieces, nor wack visuals.

You can do all of the above and fully control your own branding on your own domain too.

A familiar interface

Prodmake is a text editor with a grid layout on top of it. All of your notes can be linked with other notes. You can add a hierarchy and embed pages in other pages. All of them are automatically updated everywhere. Dynamic behavior of pages, content, and visualization is what Prodmake is built on.

We use the paradigm of the reactive manifesto and draw our inspiration from the work of Bret Victor (The Humane Representation of Thought, MagicInk).

Our vision is to let creators guide their readers through exploring dynamic models, simulations, and visualizations where a reader can interact and “play” with the provided material and affect its behavior to learn through participation.

We always work on new blocks for you to integrate and make you excel at what you do. More visualization is coming.

Prodmake works offline, synchronizes your sessions so that you have up-to-date versions everywhere. It comes with E2E encryption that you can enable in a minute.

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